This Purchase Agreement is entered into on 23th 08 0f 2023 between WORLD OF ELECTRONICS PORTAL (the “Buyer”) and DREAM CITY ELECTRONIC LLC (the “Seller”) Dubai.


The Seller has agreed to sell and the Buyer has agreed to purchase the Purchased Assets (as defined below).


The Owner owns 100% of the outstanding equity of the Seller and has agreed to join in this agreement for the purpose of making certain representations and agreements.


Therefore, the parties agree as follows:


1. Sale of the Purchased Assets. Assumption of the Assumed Contracts. Subject to the provisions set forth in this agreement, as of midnight at the beginning of the date of this agreement (the “15th 08 0f 2019”), the Seller hereby sells, conveys, assigns, and transfers to the Buyer the assets set forth on Schedule 1 (the “Purchased Assets”) free and clear of any and all liens and encumbrances, and the Buyer hereby accepts the sale, conveyance, assignment, and transfer of the Purchased Assets and assumes the Buyer’s obligations under the contracts listed on Schedule 1 (the “Assumed Contracts”).


2. No Other Assumption of Liabilities. Except for the Assumed Contracts, the Buyer does not assume any obligation or liability of the Seller or the Owner, and the Seller or the Owner or both, as applicable, will continue to be liable for any and all liabilities of the Seller or the Owner or both. The Buyer does not assume any liability under the Assumed Contracts arising before the Effective Time. The Seller will not be responsible for any liability that arises from the Buyer’s operation of the Business after the Effective Time.


3. Purchase Price. The purchase some of price (the “Purchase Price”). The parties agree to allocate the Purchase Price among the Purchased Assets for all purposes (including tax purposes) in accordance with the allocation schedule attached to this agreement as Schedule 3.


4. Representations and Warranties. The Seller and the Owner, jointly and severally, represent and warrant to the Buyer that all of the representations and warranties set forth on Schedule 4 are true and correct in all respects as of the date of this agreement.


actual number of days applicable to the pre-Effective Time and post-Effective Time occupancy and use. The Seller will be liable for the prorated amount of all such expenses during the period through the Effective Time, and the Buyer will be liable for the prorated amount of all such expenses during the period after the Effective Time.


5. Further Actions. At any time and from time to time after the date of this agreement: (1) the Seller shall execute and deliver or cause to be executed and delivered to the Buyer such other instruments and take such other action, all as the Buyer may reasonably request, in order to carry out the intent and purpose of this agreement; and (2) the Buyer shall execute and deliver or cause to be executed and delivered to the Seller such other instruments and take such other action, all as the Seller may reasonably request, in order to carry out the intent and purpose of this agreement.


6. Governing Law Venue. This agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby will be construed in accordance with and governed by the internal laws (without reference to choice or conflict of laws principles) of the State of Missouri. Any suit, action, or other proceeding brought against any of the parties to this agreement or any dispute arising out of this agreement or the transactions contemplated hereby must be brought either in the courts sitting in U.A.E County, Court for the District of U.A.E and by its execution and delivery of this agreement, each party accepts the jurisdiction of such courts and waives any objections based on personal jurisdiction or venue.


7. Assignment. No party may assign either this agreement or any of its rights, interests, or obligations hereunder without the prior written approval of each other party, except that the Buyer may assign any or all of its rights under this agreement, in whole or in part, without obtaining the consent or approval of any other party, (1) to any current or future affiliate of the Buyer, (2) to any entity into which the Buyer may be merged or consolidated, (3) in connection with any acquisition, restructuring, merger, conversion, or consolidation to which the Buyer may be a party, or (4) to a lender to the Buyer or its affiliates as collateral security for current or future obligations owed by the Buyer or its affiliates to the lender.


8. Notices. All notices and other communications under this agreement must be in writing and given by first class mail, return receipt requested, nationally recognized overnight delivery service, such as Federal Express, or personal delivery against receipt to the party to whom it is given, in each case, at the party’s address set forth in this section 11 or such other address as the party may hereafter specify by notice to the other parties given in accordance with this section. Any such notice or other communication will be deemed to have been given as of the date the applicable delivery receipt for such communication is executed as received or in the case of mail, three days after it is mailed.


If to the Seller or: _____


the Owner _____



Attention: _____


If to the Buyer _____






Schedule 4


Representations and Warranties


1. Capitalization. The only equity owner of the Seller is the Owner and no person has any existing right to purchase any equity of the Seller.


2. Consents.The Seller is not required to obtain the consent of any party to a contract or any governmental entity in connection with the execution, delivery, or performance by it of this agreement or the consummation of the transactions contemplated in this agreement.


3. Compliance with Laws. With respect to the operation of the Business by the Seller before the Effective Time, the Seller and its employees and officers are and at all times have been in compliance in all material respects with each law applicable to the Seller or to the operation of the Business.


4. Taxes. The Seller has, in respect of the Business, filed all tax returns that are required to be filed and has paid all taxes that have become due under the tax returns or under any assessment that has become payable or for which the Buyer may otherwise have any transferee liability. All monies required to be withheld by the Seller from employees for income taxes and social security and other payroll taxes have been collected or withheld and either paid to the respective governmental bodies or set aside in accounts for such purpose.


5. Litigation.There are no claims or suits pending or, to the Seller’s knowledge, threatened by or against the Seller (1) relating to or affecting the Business or Purchased Assets or (2) by or against any employee of the Seller relating to or affecting the Business or Purchased Assets. There are nojudgments, decrees, orders, writs, injunctions, rulings, decisions, or awards of any court or governmental body to which the Seller is a party or is subject with respect to any of the Purchased Assets is subject.


6. Product Warranties. The Seller provides no express or implied warranty, indemnification, or guarantee to any of its customers at any time in excess of the warranty provided by the applicable product manufacturer.Each product sold or service rendered by the Seller is and has been sold or rendered, as applicable, in conformity with all applicable contractual commitments and all express and implied warranties, and the Seller does not have any liability (and there is no basis for any present or future proceeding) for replacement or repair thereof or other damages, liabilities, or obligations in connection therewith.